Build with Precast concrete

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Precast concrete panels built in a factory

Because your walls are built in a factory there is much greater quality control. Every wall is tested for strength multiple times. Onsite time is greatly reduced and no concrete mess on site to clean up. 

Custom Designed to meet your needs

We have the flexibility to design your home the way YOU want. Customize your plans and we will transfer those designs to make the concrete walls. 

Fire proof exterior walls

With today's homes being built so close together there is a growing risk of damage to your home from a fire even if it is not on your property. Concrete doesn't burn so there is less risk that your home will be ignited if there is a fire in the neighborhood 

Fast Installation

Your concrete walls can be built in the factory in as little as one day and then installed on site as early as the next day. Approximate installation time once on site is as little as one day per floor. This significantly reduces construction time and allows you to save additional money on interest while you are under construction and gets you into your new home faster

Significantly reduce air transfer from the outside

Concrete walls are designed to be completely sealed and insulated as a complete unit. heat and air transfer is significantly reduce. Rigid insulation is used which means there is no need for additional vapour barrier 

Stronger than wood

Your walls will be much stronger than wood walls and in most cases even a concrete wall poured on site. The process used and the concrete mix allows for less water to be used and therefore less chance of cracking from shrinkage. 

Straighter than wood

With metal studs built into the concrete and insulation, imperfections and bowing of lumber are a thing of the past. Walls are straighter and less issues with insulation, drywall and nail pops from shrinking wood. 

Reduced wastage from framing

With so much construction debris ending up in the landfill, it is nice to do a little something to reduce this. while we can't completely get rid of all waste every little bit helps. 

Cleaner work site

Because your exterior walls are built in a factory there is virtually no on site waste from this portion of the build. The walls arrive complete and are installed with no cutting or other waste. In addition you save money on a garbage bin at this stage.  

Can I still run electrical and plumbing??

The answer is YES. At the factory they install conduit through each stud so that electrical wiring can be installed even in the exterior walls. Plumbing could be installed on an exterior wall with much less risk than a wood wall as all the piping would be on the inside of the vapour barrier. Plumbing cannot however be run horizontally through the studs. 

Cost effective

Due to other cost savings compared to wood construction we can build with concrete to the rafters with virtually no difference in cost and in some cases may be even less. As an example the concrete wall has a finish already on the outside so no additional exterior finish is required.  If desired however, it can be designed to accept most types of exterior finish, including siding, stucco, brick, stone, tile or others

Build year round

Building in a factory has the advantage of allowing for year round building and because the insulation is built into the walls, once they are up and windows and doors installed it can be heated for significantly less than wood construction. This allows trades to be more comfortable and work on days that they may otherwise not be able to. This again results in a faster completion.